Dragonkraft formulate and manufacture industrial quality bio-resins and coating products that contain the highest possible renewable content. Dragonkraft work with industry to provide superior green alternatives to traditional resins with bio-resins that are safe for both human health and the environment.

Through continuous research and development, Dragonkraft ensure formulations are optimised for best system performance and through responsible raw material sourcing guarantee that their customers are provided with the most sustainable resins on the market.

The Dragonkraft bio-resin formulation can be used for many applications and the curing speed can be adjusted to suit user requirements. The system is a strong contender to traditional resins as it produces a high strength flexible cured resin with a non-brittle finish.



- Highest renewable content compared to existing resins on the market
- Raw materials are sourced from species which are not used in the food chain


- High strength cured resin with a flexible, non-brittle finish
- Excellent wet out properties and self levelling properties
- Low shrinkage and high temperature resistance
- Adheres well to surfaces including wood, plastics, metals & fibreglass.
- Shows equivalent resistance as traditional resins to a number of common chemicals.


- BPA Free and safer for workers to handle with low odours



101R100 - Dragonkraft standard resin with 100% renewable carbon content. Used with 201H20 or other Dragonkraft hardener and 301B00 booster as needed. View data sheet

103R100 - 100% renewable carbon content resin. High clarity, low colour resin for high grade applications. View data sheet

102R97 - Bio-based resin with 97% renewable carbon content. UV cure resin, can be used alone under UV or cured with Dragonkraft hardener. View data sheet

201H20 – Higher temperature cure hardeners with flexible finish and 20% renewable carbon content. View data sheet

202H07 - Ambient cure flexible finish hardener system for use with Dragonkraft Resins for filling, fairing and adhesive applications. View data sheet

203H00 - Ambient cure, hard finish (Coming soon….)


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