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Dragonkraft Europe can create bio solutions to answer specific needs and requirements of all sectors of the industry. We sit with the clients to understand their resin requirements and work to formulate a solution which answers their requirements.


Dragonkraft Europe is concentrating on creating performance bio resins which will be suitable for all the same applications as conventional resins. Many of the concerns around bio resins stem from their performance mechanically and chemically. We are committed to marketing resins which can be effectively used in structural applications offering real alternatives to the current petroleum based resins.


Dragonkraft Europe is aware of the potential expense of re-tooling and modifying production lines to integrate new materials. We work closely with clients to ensure that our solutions have a minimal impact on their current production process. In some cases we can improve the efficiency of the production process saving both time and cost.


As part of producing bio resins, Dragonkraft Europe naturally aims to minimise the carbon footprint of all of their products and is committed to reducing these footprints to the minimum across our product range in future.

Our proposed product range has the highest bio based content of the existing resins on the market. As production increases and the market increases we will maximise the bio-based ratio of our resins and hardeners getting as close as possible creating true bio resins.

Low Impact Material Sourcing

Dragonkraft Europe aims to formulate their resins and sources their raw materials from species which are not used in the food chain. In this way we can ensure that our crop usage does not impact on the vital production of foodstuffs.


Dragonkraft Europe believe that all parts of the production chain have to benefit from our technology. The suppliers of the raw material need to benefit from the process and understand the environmental responsibility just as much as the end user of the product. We are constantly working on a process of improvement in quality-of-life for everyone involved through understanding and education.



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