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Dragonkraft Europe Ltd. is a UK based company created in 2011 as a partnership involving Dragonkraft SARL and Akcros Chemicals Ltd. Dragonkraft SARL brings expertise in resin system formulation whilst Akcros brings 40 years of epoxidation processing knowledge being the largest European manufacturer of epoxidised plasticisers.



September 1, 2007 – Dragonkraft SARL opens for business to create environmentally friendly epoxy resins and to demonstrate the capabilities of these resins through their product line of watercraft

October 2007- First watercraft was constructed using UVL resin

December 2007 – Products were first displayed a the Salon Nautique in Paris and work began on a new resin formulation based on market research

Febuary 2009- The first functioning generation of bio based epoxy is created

May 28, 2010 – Entered into a research partnership with the University of Nice to further test the products

October 2010 #– Feargus Bryan joins Dragonkraft to add design capabilities and to launch a new high tech marine product range.

July 2011 – First meetings with Akcros Chemicals

November 2011 – New company partnership with Akcros and Dragonkraft Europe is formed.


1937 Lankro chemicals formed in Eccles to produce plasticizers and anionic surfactants

1970-74 Lankro chemicals expands further into Europe and increases their product range dramatically

1977 Greater emphasis is placed on speciality products and the company is re-oriented towards this

1986 Management buyout of company with the Eccles facility remaining in charge of speciality products

1993 Akcros chemicals created as a joint venture between the owners of the Eccles site and Akzo Nobel making Akcros the market leader in PVC additives

2007 Akcros chemicals purchased by GIL investments to emphasis global reach. Akcros re-launches development work in new application areas, leading to new investment in bonding agents, bio-based epoxidized oils & esters, and projects to improve energy efficiency

2011 Akcros business expanding through joint ventures in Asia, significant new investment in the Eccles site on the Epoxidation plant and a new Biocides facilitie.

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